White Miles, Paris

Aufgrund der schrecklichen Ereignisse in Paris haben die White Miles den Großteil der Tourdaten abgesagt. Einzig Innsbruck, Siegsdorf und Linz werden von den beiden gespielt. Hier ihr Statement dazu:
Due to the numerous request by national as well as international news agencies after the terror attack in Paris, we would like to issue the following, short statement.
We are back home since last Sunday, but would like to abstain from further interviews in public concerning the terror attack on the concert hall Bataclan at the moment. We are in good health, though the events are still too close, the impressions too touching. A member of our crew, who sold merchandise articles, was shot and killed. A good friend of ours has been shot, but blessedly he is on the way to recovery. It’s difficult for us to come to terms with the terrible incident.
We are happy, but miserable at the same time. Happy, because we may be within our family circles, who immensely help us to feel safe again; miserable, because we know that many families have to mourn since the weekend.
It goes without saying that our thoughts are with all victims and their relatives.
Our live concerts with the Eagles of Death Metal are cancelled, as well as our headliner shows in Portugal, Spain and Switzerland. Our show in Innsbruck on December 17th will be played in rememberance of our lost friend Nick Alexander.
We play rock´n roll, this is what we do and this will never change!
Celebrate life!